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Jan 27   Reflections on the Death of Kobe Bryant & Friends

Jan 28   Can We Talk About Jesus Too Much? Yes

Jan 29   The Coronavirus & The Prostitute Who Kissed Jesus

Jan 30   The Unforgettable Lesson from My Strawberry                         Planting Fiasco

Jan 31   


PAST VIDEO ARCHIVES (With links to the videos)

Feb 25      What’s More Important Than Doing Good? 

Feb 26      God Doesn’t Want You to be Merciful

Feb 27      Walking With God

Feb 28      Are You a Sinner or a Saint?

Mar 1       God’s Shocking Weakness

Mar 4       Grace is Insulting

Mar 5       Grace is Frustrating

Mar 6       Who Is Precious in God’s Sight?

Mar 7       That Uncomfortable Reason Why We Won’t Forgive

Mar 8       How to Forgive When the Wound is Deep

Mar 11     Don’t Forget the Dear People of Ethiopia

Mar 12     The Crazy History of Love

Mar 13     That Time When Love Went Terribly Wrong

Mar 14      Love’s Greatest Moment

Mar 15      Can We Do Greater Things Than Jesus Did?

Mar 18      The New Zealand Attack and the Uncomfortable Truth about Evil

Mar 19     The World’s Deadliest Lie

Mar 20     The World’s Deadliest Religious Lie

Mar 21     The Forgotten Ministry of Listening

Mar 22     How to Improve Your listening     

Mar 25     Why Did Jesus Give Us the Lord’s Prayer?

Mar 26     The Lord’s Prayer: Call me Father

Mar 27     The Lord’s Prayer: The God Who Loves to Talk to You

Mar 28     The Lord’s Prayer: It’s Not About You

Mar 29     How Prayer Changes Your Life

Apr 1        The Lord’s Prayer: Pray for Our Broken World

Apr 2        The Lord’s Prayer: How Far Will I Trust God?

Apr 3        The Lord’s Prayer and a Nest of Baby Robins

Apr 4        That Moment When We’re Most Like God

Apr 5        Will God Forgive Us If We Don’t Forgive Others?

Apr 8       The Lord’s Prayer: The Part I Don’t Understand

Apr 9       We Should Take Satan as Seriously as Jesus Does.

Apr 10     Is it Okay for Me to Question God?

Apr 11     The Most Beautiful Dangerous Gift God Gave You.

Apr 12     Remember This When God’s Not Fair.

Apr 15     Faith, God, and the IRS

Apr 16     What’s So Important About Confessing Sin?

Apr 17    That Odd Reason Why We Don’t Read God’s Word

Apr 18    Jesus’ Words from a Cross That I Can’t Forget

Apr 19    Heaven and That Person You Love That’s Dying

April 22     Why Monday, April 22 Is So Significant

April 23     The Tragedy of Losing Your Memory

April 24     What to Remember When People Do Stupid Things.

April 25     When Forgetfulness is a Sin.   

April 26     When Forgetfulness is a Good Thing.

April 29     Remembering Our Brother and Sisters in Sri Lanka

April 30     The One Thing You Can Never Lose

May 1        If You Lose Everything But Jesus, Is That OK?

May 2        The One Good Reason to Abandon Jesus   

May 3       The Unexpected Secret to Contentment  

May 7        How I Lost Heart This Weekend and What Helped

May 8        Why Weakness is Good and Why I Wish It Wasn’t 

May 9        The Beautiful Truth About Prayer I Missed for                           Most of My Life    

May 10      The Misguided Fear of Compliments in the Church

May 13    Judge Not: The Danger of Playing God  

May 14    Judge Not: The Danger of Playing Detective in                           People’s Lives

May 15    Judge Not: The Sin Nobody Thinks They Commit

May 16    One Time You Should Judge, or…The Difference                       Between Football and Golf

May 17    When Selfishness is a Good Thing

May 20     How One Simple Action Changes Your Life

May 21     A Warning About Words on Facebook

May 22     The Enormous Power of Your Words

May 23     How to Choose Words That Give Life

May 24     One Vital Thing You Should Do EVERY SINGLE DAY

May 27     Remembering Invisible Heroes on Memorial Day

May 28     It Doesn’t Feel Like a Sin, But It’s a Serious One

May 29     How God Saves Us With Sabbath

May 30     How To Build Sabbath Into Your Life…and Why It’s                    Crucial

May 31     The Danger in Wanting to Be Productive

June 3     Mass Shootings and the Question We Can’t Answer

June 4     Gun Control and the Thorny Connection Between                     Evil and Love

June 5     Choices Have Consequences…For Better or Worse

June 6     The Shocking Good That Comes from Evil

June 7     God Loves Evil People…Like Me You and DeWayne

June 10    When Church Does More Harm than Good

June 11    You Just Might Be Killing Your Church

June 12    Blessed Are the Losers

June 13    What is the Good News of Jesus for Today?

June 14    Jesus on Failure: Don’t Let It Stop You

June 17   First on the Scene of a Bad Accident: My Story

June 18   Two Words that Make Us Uncomfortable, and why                   that’s Good

June 19   What People Most Need When They’ve Screwed Up

June 20   Critical Mistakes First Responders Make

June 21   Lean on Me: The Lost Art of Bearing Burdens

June 24    Confessions of a Morning Person

June 25    A New Day: The Beauty of a Clean Slate… But It’s                    More Than That

June 26    Why I’m Not Afraid of Dying…Really

June 27    The Best Time of Day to Meet with God

June 28    When No One Understands, Remember This

July 1    Waiting on a Whirlwind, We Can Miss God’s Whisper

July 2    That Haunting Reason Why God Doesn’t Help the                       Needy 

July 3    When They See Us: Do You See What God Sees?

July 4    The Squirrels Eating My Tomatoes, and Why We                       Should Love Iraq

July 5    When It Looks Like God Has Forgotten You…

July 8      Why I Threw Away Five Hundred Dollars

July 9     The Devil(Or the Car Salesman) Made Me Do It

July 10   Which is More Serious: Overconfidence or                                  Hopelessness?

July 11   No Man or Woman Left Behind on the Battlefield

July 12   What to Do When God Tempts You

July 15   How Is It Possible Joy and I Have Been Married for                  36 Years?

July 16   Does God Consider You An Enemy or a Friend?

July 17   Open Your Eyes to the Glory of God Everywhere

July 18   Thoughts While Walking on the Beach

July 19   Guest Appearance: Things My Grandkids are                              Thankful For

July 22   Your Suffering is a Clue to Your Calling

July 23   The God Who Longs To Be With You Today

July 24   The Uncomfortable Comfort in Severe Suffering

July 25   The Moon and Flowers and Unmistakable Glory of                    You

July 26   When People Criticize Christians for Failing to                          Love,  It’s a Gift.

July 29   The Dangerous Myth That God Wants Us to Be                          Good

 July 30   Weakness is Good…Another Annoying Thing God                     Says

July 31   The Flawed Assumption About Faith and Facts

Aug 1     Why Facts and Science Bolster Our Faith in God

Aug 2     Those Whose Names Were Never Called When                         Choosing Sides for Basketball (At Seventeen)

Aug 5      Mr. Holland’s Opus Meets Chariots of Fire

Aug 6      Why We Have a Problem with Cheaters, Sometimes

Aug 7      Eating French Fries, Jalapenos Before a Marathon

Aug 8     Never Lose Sight of Jesus. He is Everything!

Aug 9     What Separates Great Runners from Average Ones

Aug 12    Would You Rather Be an Employee or Self-Employed?

Aug 13   Can God Trust You? 

Aug 14    Hallmark Movies and the Meaning of Love

Aug 15    One Thing We Desperately Need in Our Country

Aug 16    One Thing That Will Poison a Relationship Every                      Time

Aug 19   God’s Hope When Life is Out of Control

Aug 20   A Sailboat, A Storm and 3 Novice Sailors

Aug 21  A Word From My Roof: When Fear is a Good Thing

Aug 22  Why Do We Care So Much About What Others Think

Aug 23  A Story of Cliff Diving and Facing Your Fears

Aug 26   The Part of Psalm 23 that is NOT Comforting

Aug 27   When Psalm 23 Meets the Lord’s Prayer, Something                 Amazing Happens

Aug 28   When You’re Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Aug 29   The Danger of Flying Without Instruments…In Life

Aug 30   Why Today is the Hardest Day of the Year in the NFL

Sept 2    My Dad and I Talk About the Changing Seasons of                   Life

Sept 3    Duct Tape, Coca Cola and How To Make Everything                 Better

Sept 4    Look Out for Number Two

Sept 5    The Mistake of Not Looking Out for Yourself

Sept 6    What is the Real Cause of Poverty?

Sept 9     Flash Floods and What It Means to Repent

Sept 10  The Closest God Comes to Giving Up On Us

Sept 11   Discovering the Way that God Speaks to You

Sept 12   God Is Speaking Far More Often Than We Realize

Sept 13   Stop Trying to Pray Like Other People Do

Sept 16   All I Want to Have Is My Peace of Mind

Sept 17   There Is No Easy Button for Peace of Mind

Sept 18   Give Peace of Mind a Chance

Sept 19   Peace of Mind Is a Way of Life

Sept 20   The Unspeakable Ache When Peace of Mind Can’t                     Be Found

Sept 23   God as Trinity…and Other Vital Things I Don’t                            Understand

Sept 24   The God Who Waits for Us, Seeks for Us, and Dies                     for Us

Sept 25   Blessed Are Those Who Meet Jesus…In Your Own Words

Sept 26   What’s the Greatest Gift God Has Ever Given to Us?

Sept 27   Charles Barkley, Role Models & Why Choices Matter

Sept 30  Just How Honest Can You Be With God?  

Oct 1      Jesus on the Danger of Praying in Public

Oct 2      Help Me List Things God Wants Us to Do Daily 

Oct 3     Proverbs Are Powerful But They Aren’t Always                          Promises

Oct 4    Could You Be Guilty of Prayer Abuse?

Oct 7      Why I Cried in a Church Service Yesterday

Oct 8      Why God Won’t Give You Everything You Ask For

Oct 9     Why We’d Miss God If He Showed Up in Person

Oct 10   The Hardest Part of Following Jesus

Oct 11    Stop Acting Like an Adult 

Oct 14     The One Prayer You Hope God Won’t Answer

Oct 15     The Kind of People God Kisses

Oct 16     You Are Precious But There’s a Catch

Oct 17    95-Year Olds List What They Wish They’d Done                          Differently

Oct 18    That Dream Where You’re Wearing No Clothes


Oct 21    What Is Not Ideal About My Facebook Videos

Oct 22    What If You’re Aiming for the Wrong Thing?

Oct 23    The Struggle I Have With Taking a Vacation

Oct 24    Don’t Let a Mistake Define You

Oct 25    Chicago & Why It’s Hard for me to Say I’m Sorry

Oct 28    How We Ended up Buying a House for Under 10K

Oct 29    The True Story You Just Won’t Believe

Oct 30   Jim Croce was Right. You’ve Got A Name 

Oct 31    How a Piece of Paper Can Dominate Your Life

Nov 1     That Unbelievable Treasure at an Estate Sale

Nov 4       Pray It Forward…and Backward

Nov 5      The Beautiful Truth in Our Tears

Nov 6      That Group of People We Dare Not Forget 

Nov 8      Work is a Good Thing…Or Is It? 

Nov 9      A Small Thing That Alters Your Life In Ways You                        Don’t See

Nov 11    A Soccer Story & Why You and I Need the Church

Nov 12    The World In Which My Grandkids Will Grow Up

Nov 13    The Path to Prosperity That No One Talks About

Nov 14    If You Think Heaven is Paradise, Think Again

Nov 15    Why Your Sin and Failure Can NEVER Separate You                  From Jesus

Nov 18    Is It Possible to Keep Your Anger from Erupting?

Nov 19    Why the Way of Jesus is Impossible to Stop

Nov 20   Sports, Weather, Work and Jesus

Nov 21   Among All Worldviews The Way of Jesus is the                         Only Love Story

Nov 22   Are You Supposed to Be a Christian Martyr?

Nov 25    Grace is Nearly Impossible to Believe…Even for                        Christians

Nov 26    Is God an App In Your Life or the Operating System

Nov 27    The Gift from My Parents That I Will Never Forget

Nov 28    Thanksgiving, Super Glue and Anxiety

Nov 29    Why Its A Mistake to Insist That God Should Be Fair

Dec 2      What to Do With The Tiny Bit of Control You Have

Dec 3     Imagine What John Lennon’s Song Got Right

Dec 4     Discovering Your Primary Way of Relating to God

Dec 5    The God Question That Surfaces When Good People                Die (Remembering Art Leslie)

Dec 6    Do You Have the Christmas Spirit…and What is That                Anyway?

Dec 9      The Way of Jesus, the Atkin’s Diet and Making                          Disciples

Dec 10    The Advent of Television, iPhones and Jesus

Dec 11    The Story of Christmas I Still Struggle to Believe

Dec 12    The Hope While You’re Waiting for God to Show Up

Dec 13    The Most Important Question Jesus Will Ever Ask                    You

Dec 16   Who Was Present at Your Birth and Why the Manger                 Matters

Dec 17   God Needs to Hire a New Public Relations Director

Dec 18   Prosperity is More a Curse than a Blessing

Dec 19   Stop Trying to Please God

Dec 20   When We Play the Comparison Game, Everyone                       Loses

Dec 23   The Shocking Christmas Image That is Core to the                   Way of Jesus

Dec 24   Christmas Eve Questions for Grown-Up Kids

Dec 25   Last Christmas…When You’ve Only Got 100 Years                   to Live

Dec 26   The Terror and Tenderness of God

Dec 27    The New England Patriots & What Would Jesus Do

Dec 30    Politics & The Crazy Story of Satan Tempting Jesus

Dec 31    Motives & Why My Brother Got Pulled Over for Not                  Speeding

Jan 1      Downton Abbey and My Struggle with the Word                        Worship

Jan 2      Sheep Aren’t Stupid But They Have a Fatal Flaw,                        Just Like You Do

Jan 3     Don Larsen Died, And There’s Only One Reason Why                 We Know Him

Jan 6      If You Don’t Feel Close to God, What’s Wrong?

Jan 7      Why Do I Feel Like Such a Failure?

Jan 8      What is the Scariest Word in the Bible?

Jan 9      For Those Who Are Already Weary in 2020

Jan 10   Tiger Woods & Why You Need Lonely Places in 2020

Jan 13   Untouchables In Your City: Will You Let Jesus                           Touch Them?

Jan 14   What to Do When Someone Asks for a Handout?

Jan 15   When Mindless Entertainment is a Good Thing…                       And When It Isn’t

Jan 16   Are Christians More Like Doctors, Teachers, or First                 Responders?

Jan 17   The Way of Jesus & The Kid Who Stole My Laptop

Jan 20   Unlearning is So Much Harder than Learning

Jan 21   Bless the Lord O My Soul: Can We Encourage God?

Jan 22   How Math Can Help Us Understand the Way of                        Jesus

Jan 23   What If We’ve Made Evangelism Too Complicated?

Jan 24   Don’t Give Up On God When He Fails You




Specialty Topic Videos




PAST VIDEO ARCHIVES (With links to the videos)

Feb 7                    Waiting on Your Call from God Can Keep You from Doing It (32 min.)

Feb 28  7p.m.      A Conversation on Men and Women in Church Ministry (A discussion with                               my daughter, Carrye Burr.) 50 min.

Mar 7   7 p.m.      A Conversation on Men and Women in the Church-Part 2 (A discussion                                    with my daughter, Carrye Burr. )    59 min.

Mar 20  Noon       How to Have a Gracious, Healthy Dialogue on Facebook (NOTE: Internet                                  connectivity issues cut this video short, to about 15 min.)

April 11 7 p.m.     Church: Is There Room for Brokenness in our Journey? (51 Min) (A                                            discussion with my daughter, Carrye Burr, hosted by her)


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