Find Our Way Home

Roger Martin…and friends on the way

The Journey to Find Our Way Home

I’m glad you’re here.  Jesus told a profoundly beautiful story about a dad and his two wayward kids: the runaway rebel and the rule-keeping rebel. The Father is desperate that his kids come back home. It’s the human story.

We’re made for home, but we’ve lost our way.  There’s the Father waiting on the front porch for His beloved runaways to come home so He can throw a party.  There’s the Spirit who follows us to the farthest and darkest corners calling us to come back home.  There’s the Son who paid a terrible price to negotiate a pardon, so his brothers and sisters would be freed to return home.  The Father wants every runaway back home, but it can be hard to find our way back.

I’m a runaway myself who still can’t believe the pursuing, pardoning, partying love of God. On my way back home, I’d love to help others get there too. I don’t have all the answers, which is why I wrote a book, Partly Wrong, but I want to engage, walk with, listen to, talk to, and learn from other travelers stumbling through the same fog.

Find our way Home. Each word speaks to me. Home–The Father’s house…what we were made for…joy with Him and all of his kids. Way–Jesus…the bridge we must cross if we are ever to get back home. Our–Community…all of us in this together, helping each other, desperately needing each other. Find–Lost, we stumble about looking for the light of home, only to learn that God came looking to find us.

I guess I want this website to be a shelter on the journey. I want to be a friend to fellow-strugglers and seekers.  The site is a work in process, but I want it to be a place where travelers can connect and wrestle with questions–any question–even the question of whether there is a home or God at all. I have some thoughts to share, and I want to provide connections with others who have found nuggets of wisdom along the way. Contact me to chat or to give insight into how I can make the site better. I’m glad you’re here.   



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